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The Art and Science of Moldmaking

Advanced mold building equipment at USA Spares takes the art of moldmaking to a new level. Our graphite mill and EDM sinkers provide the newest, most advanced technology which results in more precise, more efficiently made molds. The machinery holds very close tolerances which is extremely important to manufacturers in a wide variety of industries. Employees in this area have extensive moldmaking experience in industries such as automotive, medical and electronics.

Mold building at USA Spares is much more than simply producing a tool to produce a plastic part. What separates us from other mold houses is that we can do nearly everything in house to produce all types of custom injection mold work.

USA Spares, Inc. is one of the few shops with such a wide range of experience to handle different molds, including cold and hot runner systems. Our 3R tooling is the finest on the market, holding repeatability to .00008-inch. This internal versatility contributes to the high quality of the molds and the efficiency with which they are produced.

We can also design and build robotics to custom fit the press your company is using or the tool we are building. And if a customer requires hydraulics with his molds, we can design and build a hydraulic or robotic system in house.

Having the best equipment is a real plus, but our experienced moldmakers and EDM operators are a serious part of the moldmaking equation. With combined experience over 35 years, these experts know how to go the extra mile with customers to give them what they want.

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