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Fast, Accurate, Single-Piece Electrodes

USA Spares is one of just a handful of companies in the United States to have a Roku Roku graphite machining center -- the fastest, most advanced method of machining electrodes in one piece and the only machine in the world that does automated internal sharp cornering.

What separates the graphite mill from a typical CNC machining center is its sheer speed and accuracy. In one project involving electrodes for a car battery, we were able to cut the machining time down to one fifth the original hours. We can machine to a tolerance of .0002-inch with a repeatability of .00008. The mill's high speed 64-bit processor operates on all 3 axes simultaneously, holding equal tolerances on each no matter how fast the machine is running. We use 3R holding systems for added accuracy on this machine.

To our customers this new CNC technology means finer, more intricate parts in less time.

The Roku is also an "intelligent" machine. It always knows its next move, thanks to careful programming by expert operators. The unit is set up to run unattended overnight and on weekends and can do multiple pieces in one run. The up front savings in time and money is very significant to both USA Spares and our customers, as is the unparalleled quality of the electrodes.