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  • zpzuoiz on 2014-Aug-31 13:44:05 zpzuoiz said

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  • Jual Lantai Kayu on 2014-Nov-08 15:25:36 Jual Lantai Kayu said
  • nadia on 2014-Nov-21 08:38:04 nadia said

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  • Jampierre on 2015-Nov-25 23:09:24 Jampierre said

    Please try Moy's on high street acsros from the new OSU union and next to Buckeye Doughnuts. It has been there for decades and is top notch. Although it is sooo VIP it does not have a sign. Again it is in the Buckeye Doughnuts building. The establishment is run by an adorable Asian couple that remembers all of their customers and deliver top notch service.(614) 297-77221994 N High StColumbus, OH 43201BEST ASIAN IN THE CITY! HANDS DOWN. The menu is in english and chinese. So authentic. AMAZING!!!!!
  • Proaci on 2015-Nov-26 09:16:06 Proaci said

    Sadly, the exceptional Hometown Oriental Deli and Carry-out on Bethel has<a href=""> ceslod</a> down. The space, as far as I can tell, is transitioning to new owners, who are remodeling the interior, and the Hometown sign was yanked on Sunday. I have to say that I'm really going to miss Hometown and its' owners they were modest to a fault and and had many consistently stellar dishes that I've never encountered elsewhere. Here's hoping that the new proprietors offer something equally special
  • Pula on 2015-Nov-26 15:30:13 Pula said

    I notice that you spend a lot of time erinoxplg the west side of town (thanks!). I also notice that there is no official Greek category on your site yet. Might I suggest #1 Gyro Shoppe and Greek Village Gyros & Donuts? Both are on W. Broad St. near Wilson Ave.Thanks so much for the great work you're doing. I'm really excited to have found your site, and I've discovered some wonderful west side eateries after reading your reviews. [url=]ctncokkyji[/url] [link=]acnvqwdh[/link]
  • Deniez on 2015-Nov-28 02:41:44 Deniez said

    That's a good point. For the most part, these restaurants don't serve <a href="">alocohl</a> it's just too expensive for them to get liquor licenses. A few do, though, and we'll be sure to note that in future write-ups. Off the top of my head, you'll find <a href="">alocohl</a> offerings at Plaza Tapatia, Siem Reap, and Udipi. Regarding BYOB, it's best to call ahead and ask the owners. Many Muslim-run establishments are unlikely to agree, and it's anyone's guess with other places.
  • Alexey on 2015-Nov-30 20:38:01 Alexey said

    Seconding RachelV on Jiu Thai the proprietors are from Shenyang, and they serve slodily authentic NE Chinese cuisine. Lamb dumplings, lamb noodle soup, and other dishes that aren't part of the typical flavor profile of Cantonese, Sichuan, etc. cuisines but are typical of NE China. One of the best authentic Chinese restaurants to open up in Columbus in the last few years, and food you won't find much of anywhere else in the US, except NYC. [url=]mnfysi[/url] [link=]gejxbhvoaf[/link]
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