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The USA Spares Advantage

Our 23,500 sq ft. facility in Carlisle, Pennsylvania is home to some of the finest, state-of-the-art equipment in the industry. This, coupled with our unmatched reputation for quality, accounts for our rapidly accelerating growth.

But a company is only as good as its people. We have a young, ambitious staff of highly qualified individuals, most of whom are journeymen with many years experience in their respective trades. Each employee has been hand picked for their particular skills, experience and reputation. Everyone works together with a common goal to provide products that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Every USA Spares customer knows he's going to get a quality product for a competitive price, and he's going to get it on time.

Innovative Design & Engineering

The design area is one facet of USA Spares that really sets us apart. While many companies subcontract design work, USA Spares has a full fledged, internal design operation run by experts in mold and machine design. We'll work from your prints or take your concept and design prints on our CAD system. We also provide suggestions regarding a product that may pose a problem, in an effort to save customers time and money.

As an added convenience to customers, we are set up to work electronically, bringing files, prints and other correspondence into the shop via the Internet.

The Highest Quality Standards

A reputation for superior quality and on-going investment in new technology accounts for much of the rapid growth of USA Spares. One such investment, two Brown & Sharp Micro-Hite gauges, are in constant use, checking parts and tools to accuracy within .00002-inch.

The many qualified journeymen in our shop complement the machinery with their skill in inspecting every detail of every product before it is released for shipment. In fact, everything is inspected twice -- during production -- and after production in our quality control room. Anything that doesn't meet our quality standards never leaves the building.

A Team That Works for You

Every project at USA Spares is handled by an entire team. Management works closely with our shop experts on every single project because we know a team atmosphere improves morale and ultimately improves the quality of our products. On an average day, management spends more time in the shop than in the office and everyone regardless of job level makes an important contribution to the finished product.

A common goal of everyone at USA Spares is a commitment to keeping customers happy and productive. We work closely with our customers to assure the most rigid product demands are met. And we are careful to recommend ways to improve customer concepts in an effort to save time and money. We stand by our work 100%.